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Sunday, July 26, 2009

24 hrs in Killarney

Saturday morning I did not have to go to the market in Cork because the new German guys wanted to go. I had no problem with this because I got to sleep in! We also hosted a bit of a party Friday night, so it was nice not to wake up at 6 am. I slept until 12 pm which is probably the latest I ever have in my entire life. It felt very good. Saturday was slow morning. A new French girl showed up the night before, so Lauren and I took her around the farm and explained some things. When Colin, Anne, Thomas, and Boho got back from Cork they had two more American girls with them. They seem very nice. I haven't had a chance to get to know them very well yet, but they are very eager like most people who first come to the farm.

Saturday night, Lauren and I decided to spontaneously go into Killarney. Denis our neighbor drove us into Macroom, and from there, we caught a hour long bus into Killarney. Once in the city, we set out to find a hostel. This is when I got nervous. All the hostels were booked! I was preparing myself to be homeless for the night, but fortune was on our side. We stopped into a few hotels, but they were asking for seventy five euros per person! hell no. Through out our search we purposely avoided this sketchy bed and breakfast on the main street. It was called sebastians and we didn't trust it from the outside. However, we were desperate so we rang the doorbell. A very nice looking woman opened the door. She said she had a vacancy and it would cost thirty euros per person for the night. It was more than a hostel, but we took it. The room was very nice, and since it wasn't a hostel, we could leave our belongings in the room.

The night was rainy, but that didn't hold us back. We got dinner at a Chinese restaurant. It was sooo good compared to the bland food we've been having on the farm. Meat and potatoes get pretty boring after 1.5 months. The Chinese food had so much flavor. The service was slow at the restaurant and the soundtrack playing inside was worse. I swear they were playing the 1990's best wedding songs cd. haha it was funny.

After dinner, we went souvenir shopping a bit. The night ended in a pub with a pint of Smithwicks and live music. It was also different falling asleep to the sounds of a city not a farm.

Sunday morning, Lauren and I walked into the Killarney National Park. We both had been there before a few weeks earlier, so we just took a short trail through the woods. We also stopped at a cafe for coffee and a scone. We did a bit more shopping. I splurged on an authentic Aran Woolen sweater. I'd been oogling it the last time I was in Killarney and decided to pay the fee. Now the really exciting part of the store.....

Around 1:30 we got a bus back to Macroom. We weren't sure how we would get back to Leades House. Our options were two: walk or hitch hike. If you remember, my list includes hitchhiking, so I wanted to try it out. It was pouring rain, so I hoped the Irish would be sympathetic. They weren't. After about 45 minutes of walking a man stopped, and he told us we were heading the wrong direction. GREAT! so we head back. WE walk and walk and about another hour later we see a green car come around the corner. We figured she would pass like all the others but she stopped. We said we were going to Leades House. She said she figured that, and would drive us the rest of the way. In the car, we found out she was the mother of one of the renters on the Leades House property. At this point, I realized I had seen her before. We were so greatful for her ride. I also was ecstatic that I successfully hitchhiked. I think the only thing I have left to do is Irish Step dance. I don't think it will happen, but who knows. I didn't think half of my list would get checked off.

P.s. My mother and brother have safetly arrived in Germany. Thanks for your crossed fingers.

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