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Friday, July 24, 2009

4 countries on a farm

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in awhile. The internet is harder to get to now that there are 9 volunteers here at the farm. Tomorrow this will increase by four more! Currently there are two Americans, three Germans, and three Spaniards. Tomorrow there will be three more Americans and a French girl coming. I truthfully don’t know where we will fit them all or what work will be done. We seem pretty well stocked.

For the most part we are all getting along well. There is some tension due to power struggles. Everyone has their own way of cleaning etc and a few speak up more than others. I try to stay out of this. I want to like everyone and have everyone respect me. They don’t have to be my friend necessarily, but I would like their respect so I respect them too. However, I don’t think I am the cause of tension, thankfully.

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures of the farm because I realize I only have about two more weeks left. This is really hard to believe. Leades House has been my home for the past month and a half, and I will miss it. I’ve met some really great people and animals. I will miss my favorite goat, Tabitha. We play every day, and we have gotten to the point where she runs to greet me at the gate. I know I should treat these animals as if they were domesticated pets because I know they have a different future, but I am who I am.

Today, I’ve been a little nervous because I know my mother and brother, Samuel, are flying to Europe. They are headed to Germany. My father will meet them there in a week. I have my fingers crossed that they will make it there safely. Please keep yours crossed too or say a pray, whatever you prefer.

As I mentioned before, with more people on the farm there is a bit less work for each person to do. We began the major walkway project that will stretch for 1.5 miles, but it’s slow and tedious, and right now, the digger machine does most of the work. I did help build 4 stone walls. It’s quite an art. Tonight, I think we will put our feet up and relax. Our fridge is stocked with some adult beverages, so it should be a good time. Buenos noches!

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