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Monday, July 13, 2009


Yesterday was just the day off that I needed. I told the girls Saturday night that no matter what the weather was like on Sunday I was going for a hike! Sunday morning the weather look very promising. The sun was shining, and I was not woken up by rain pounding on the roof. Very good sign! I ate my breakfast in peace, and when Lauren came down, she thought it would be a good idea to go find the waterfall Colin has been telling us about. I thought it was a great idea. We asked Anne to join, but she wanted to sleep in more. Around 11:30, Lauren and I headed out. As soon as we stepped outside it started to rain!!! Luckily, this lasted only 5 minutes and the remainder of our adventure took place on a sunny day. :-)

It took about 1.5 hrs to walk to the entrance of the waterfall path. I was so excited when we made it, and I could hear the water! We headed into the woods, and it reminded me of a forest you might find in Pennsylvania. I really felt at peace. I loved it! We were worried that we should have worn our wellies, but our feet didn't get too wet. When we made it to the waterfall, I am pretty sure I did a victory dance. We clocked now two hrs of walking. This is where I checked yet another thing to do off my list. I went swimming! I waded in the water mostly, but I had to get my whole body wet in order for it to count. I doggie paddled around because I couldn't see the bottom of the stream. Lauren took a video, and when I get it from her, I will post it. I swear it looks like I never swam a day in my life, but the water was shockingly cold and I was scared of the possible monster dwelling deep in the water. It was such a glorious experience and very refreshing after such a long walk. We ate our lunch by the waterfall, and began out trek out of the woods. Before we made it out, we came across a rope swing which proved pretty unsuccessful, but we tried.

The long walk back was much harder. First, we were already tired, and second, we were walking against the wind which slows you down considerably. We rationed out our water..haha.

I am just so happy I got to swim in Irish water. I don't know why it was a goal of mine, but it happened so the origin of my goal doesn't really matter. I ended the great day with phone calls back to America to some very special people. I was so excited to share my day.

My mom and Samuel leave for Germany in 11 days! I am so thrilled to be on the same continent as a family member. Today is the 13th which means only 24 days until i see my family. Yay!

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