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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bubblin in Dublin

One day down in Dublin. It was a nice day and relaxing because we got rid of our rental car which caused a significant amount of stress. My dad was truly a hero for driving so well on the left side of the rode and with a manuel which he hasn't driven in a long time. We got to Dublin without any accidents. However, there was a small dent in our door that we think happened in a parking lot. Of course, the rental company found it as an opportunity to charge us one hundred euros which was th maximum they were allowed with the insurance we got. Cha Ching! o well.

With that burden behind us, we skipped to the Guinness factory after a nice chinese lunch. My dad was in his glory. He was really enjoying learning about the beer and tasting. We loved our "free" pint at the top of the storehouse in the Gravity Bar. Did you know over 7 million pints of Guinness are enjoyed all around the world everyday!? I was surprised. This summer I have definitely learned my love for Guinness.

We relaxed for the remainder of the day in our very nice apartment. We stopped a got a few groceries. We bought the Quiet Man, an american classic, which we weren't all that impressed with but nevertheless glad we saw it.

Thursday, the big even today was seeing Riverdance! It's a show involving hard shoe and soft shoe irish dance, music, and singing. Only my mom and I saw it. The show was absolutely fierce! I felt so lucky to see it. We finished the evening with a pint at the temple bar area. Now the family is sitting at home watching television. We have only one more day in Ireland!

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