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Sunday, August 16, 2009


I want to say thank you to a handful of people that have made this summer so wonderful.

My parents-you supported me financially for a large portion of this trip and for that I am so thankful. I really couldn't have paid for this trip all on my own. Also, thank you for raising me to be a person who is open minded and ready to try new things. You've taught me to be a respectful person and how to say thank you. This definitely helped me as a traveled around to different areas of the world. Also, thank you for your love, I felt in Europe.

Aunt Tamara and Uncle Yohannes- Thank you for your financial support. You allowed me to see things I may have skipped out on if i was on a money crunch. Thank you for your blog comments. It made my writing seem worthwhile, and I appreciate that a lot. You gave me a lot of encouragement. Thank you!

Aunt Maryann and Uncle Robert- Thank you for your financial support. I hope I spent it in a way you would approve. I bought great things that will help me remember this trip forever. I think you would be very proud of all the animals I took care of. They truly became some of my best friends this summer. I will mis them a lot. Thanks for allowing me to meet them.

The Anders Family-Thank you for numerable things! You housed and fed me for over two weeks. You treated me to meals and museums that you shouldn't have. You were overly generous and I thank you so much. I enjoyed all my time in Germany. I saw so much, and I loved hearing the language. You've inspired me to study a language and soon!

Justin-thank YOU for sharing your last days in your Paris apartment with me. I am so glad we reconnected this summer. It was wonderful to see you again, and I laughed so much with you. You are wonderful, and I will always remember my time with you. I hope to see you soon.

My Roommates-I enjoyed your package so much on the farm. It was an absolute treat; I never expected such a gift! I can't wait to see you.

Tom-thank you for giving me someone to write postcards to as I traveled the world. Also, thank you for entertaining me during the wee hours of the night on skype. I enjoyed our conversations more than I can express.

Jill-thank you for being such a wonderful travel partner. I had the greatest time with you. It was relaxing, wild, and just filled with memories. My weeks with you were different to every other aspect of my trip. I wouldn't trade them for anything. thanks for come halfway around the world to see me!

Thank you all the others that I may have forgotten. this was a perfect summer; I will never forget your generosities!

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