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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Only one week left!

I can't believe my time on the farm is coming to a close! However, I am just ecstatic to be seeing my family on thursday. Mom, Dad, and Samuel please arrive safely to me.

Some Updates:
1. I put ankle tags on 118 chickens on Friday. This was quite the challenge and I smelled absolutely horrid even after my shower. Chickens are hard to catch, but that was my designated job. I seemed to be the best and the least afraid at catching the chickens. It's amazing how fast the can runaway and change directions. I wish I had a video of it. I look crazy chasing them around. haha
2. Francy took Anne, Lauren, and I on one last outing. He took us to see his ponies. They are absolutely gorgeous and all purebreads. You can tell he's very proud of them. They are left to live a wild life, but a few of them came up to me andlet me pet them.
3. The fox got in the hen house again and killed off about 30 more hens. Wish that had happened before I had to catch them all on Friday.
4. This weekend has been pretty lazy. Saturday was a pajama day. It rained all day, so I borrowed some movies from the neighbor. We watched Stardust and today (sunday) I watched Singing in the Rain. What a classic. I can never get enough of Gene Kelly.
5. I know these are out of chronological order, but I'm writing them down as I remember them. Colin was very nice this past week and took the lot of us on a bit of a Coachford tour. However, because of the rain it sort of turned into a pub crawl. The only educational stop we made was to see a windmill. The electricity was down all over coachford, so even the windmill was running. Odd, I know. It was a fun time at the two pubs we stopped at. I drank Heineken and Guinness.
6. I'm looking forward to becoming a tourist again. When my family gets here, I hope we can go kiss the Blarney Stone as cliche as it is. Then maybe we can go to the Butter Museum in Cork City. It's something I have been meaning to do, but I guess it's good that I haven't because now they can join me. It'll be nice to share the jewels of Ireland with them.
7. Finally, Friday night we had a barbeque. We thought because of the rain it wouldn't happen, but luckily the rain let up just in time and the skies turned blue. The French scouts that have been camping nearby came over. It was just the 5-6 leaders. They made us our fire. They were great fun. They sang for us which was amazing. Their voices were beautiful and they did 4 part harmony. Very unexpected. Another surprise was the drunk Irish man, Tony, who decided to show up. He came fully prepared for a BBQ. He had a bag of wood, ribs, and a bottle of wine. How he knew about the bbfq no one knows. He was a bit rude and annoying, but fortunately he left on his own when the night was coming to a close. I was afraid he would try to stick around.

That's all for now. It's rainy over here. I hear it's been raining in Pennsylvania too. I'm looking forward to some sunny days when I get home.

p.s. my dad made it safely in Duisburg. yay!

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