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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Here it is...My last blog of the summer. I can't believe I am home safely. It feels weird, but I have adapted quickly. I drove today which felt really good. There was one moment that I turned into the left lane of a road, and my mom was like RIGHT LANE!!! haha I never thought I would make that mistake.

The last few days in Ireland were grand. We had good weather. On Friday we went to Dublinia a museum about Viking life in Ireland. It also had a section on archeology which was very interesting. We went for our last pint at the oldest pub in Ireland. I thought that seemed appropriate. I finished first with a Smithwicks followed by a Guinness. Delicious!

I was so nervous to fly home. I just wanted to get home safely. I cried a bit when we touched down in NYC. I couldn't believe I was back in America. The trip was over. Bittersweet to say the least. We spent some time in JFK and then got our second flight to pittsburgh. We took a bus downtown and waited for Michael to pick us up at PPG square. It was great to see Michael. He made us a "Welcome Home" sign at the house which was so sweet. Thanks michael!

I really can say this has been a perfect summer. I never met any major obstacles or had an emergencies. I am so thankful.

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