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Thursday, August 6, 2009

French Scouts

Wednesday Night was a lot of fun. There are currently French scouts camping in a field on Colin's property. They invited us to their evening campfire, so last night we went. Everything was in French, but the scout next to me did a pretty decent job translating for me. They sang songs and performed skits. I felt like I was back in Calvary Camp for a night. The campfire ended with a very extended prayer. We all kneeled in the circle. It was a little awkard because none of the farmers are very religious and these scouts were the extreme opposite. After the fire which never got very big, the leaders invited us back to their VIP area for beer and tea. Not too shabby. Their setup was very nice and all handmade from wood.

Bad news, my family didnt come today. Their flight got changed to a later time, and it didn't make sense for them to drive from Dublin to Cork at night and on the opposite side of the road on streets with no lamps. Fortunately, they got their flight changed again for free. They will be coming tomorrow now around 5 pm. We are all looking forward to seeing and meeting them.

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