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Thursday, May 7, 2009

8 days and counting...

So I've set up this blog in order to keep everyone updated about what I do while in Europe. I leave in 8 days, and I am slowly getting very excited and nervous. This is my first time traveling abroad on my own. Fortunately, I will spend the first month with friends, but once I begin my program in Ireland, I'll be on my own. For those who are curious about what I'll be doing in Ireland, I copied parts of a recent e-mail I recieved from Ulrich (a german man who has already gone through the Leades Project). It's gonna be rough for sure; I've been raised as a city girl so farm life does not come naturally to me, but I think I can handle it. I'm a little nervous about not being able to get off the farm. Ulrich's email makes it sound like transportation is an issue, but I can easily walk 6 miles if need be. That's all for now...Wish me luck, and keep checking this out if you're curious about my travels.

Ulrich's e-mail:

Hey Anna,
I have been in the Leades House last year from June till August and it was nice. So I will just telling you a few things. The Leades House is like a farm with many different animals. So you work will be most of the time to work with the animals or doing some gardening work. So in my opinion it is more to work on a farm than on an environmental project.
General work at a day:
Feeding the animals in the morning, collecting the eggs, working in the garden, digging potatoes, making yoghurt with the milk from the cows, preparing lunch, preparing the products for the market. On Tuesday and Saturday you can go with Collin (the owner) to the market to sell the products.
You won’t have a special plan what to do every day. Often Collin will tell you what needs to be done or you have to look around and see what might have to be done. At the beginning it’s not so easy but after you while you know what you can do.
In your free time during the week you will often stay at the Leades House because it’s difficult to go to Macroom, the next big town. it can be nice just to relax or reading a book and there is a sauna we often used. When I was there we had a computer with internet access, I hope it is still working or you parents can call you.
The Leades House is in the middle of nowhere in County Cork. The house is in the landscape, the next town macroom with a few thousands inhabitants is 6 miles away. But there is no public transport. If you want to go to town you have to hitch hike or sometimes Collin or some neighbours can take you. from Macroom you can be in 30- 40 min with the bus in Cork (second biggest town in Ireland) or to Killarney (1 hour). in general you can say that the public transport is bad because it just goes to a very few big cities and without a car it is difficult to go to all the sightseeing’s.
What I also very enjoyed was that the Irish people are all very friendly and also Collin is very nice.

many greetings from Germany

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