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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Two Cities Two Days

Yesterday, I spent the morning with Kirsten and Birgit in town of Venlo in the Netherlands. Considering it was just us women, we spent the day shopping through out the quaint streets. I didn't buy much, but my most notable purchase was a Kinder Surpise Chocolate Egg. I felt like a little kid opening up the chocolate egg to see what prize was trapped inside. I got a pretty cool top which I am sure will keep me entertained during my train and plane rides coming up this week. I also bought a mug with a ladybug on it (my favorite creature). The mug says ladybug in Dutch (liefebees). The day consisted of eating Dutch food and drinking coffee as well. Shopping and food, I really couldn't ask for much more.

Friday evening I went with Dominik and Marina to their friend's house for a barbecue. Again, lots of food, but it was fun because everyone brought a different salad and meats to grill. We smoked hookah while we waited for the grill to heat up. I also brough ingrediants to make the infamous drink amoung my friends, Red Headed Sluts. For those who do not know, a red headed slut can be taken as a shot or drink with Peach Schnapps, Jagermeister, and Cranberry Juice. Everyone seemed to enjoy the new concoction.

The highlight for today was Koln (Cologne)! I got to see Germany's largest cathedral, and it was absolutely gorgeous! For me, the cathedral was a chance to see beautiful architecture. I enjoyed especially the stained glass windows. While the cathedral was not a religious experience for me, I observed how important the visit was for other tourists. Many people took time in the pews or at prayer stations around the cathedral. After the cathedral, Domink, Marina, Alex, and I walked along the Rhein river to the Chocolate Factory in Koln. Oh the smells that lingered in the air. It's amazing how much history chocolate has! Of course, the best part of the museum was the free chocolate samples!

We were supposed to go to the club P.M. tonight but we were all too exhausted from our long day in the city. Instead, we rented movies and ordered pizza. We watched Blades of Glory and Harold and Kumar escape Guatanamo Bay, both very funny movies. I only have two full more days in Germany until I head for France. I'll keep you updated. Take care!

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