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Monday, May 11, 2009

Coincidences in Pittsburgh

I can't believe it! My family and I went to the southside for dinner tonight at Piper's Pub, a well known Irish bar in Pittsburgh. Our waiter comes up and introduces himself as, "Tom the only Irish waiter in Pittsburgh." He has an accent and everything. I am already convinced that this is a sign that my summer is off to a great start. I ask Tom where in Ireland is he from; he responds, "County Cork." I am amazed because this is exactly where I will be farming this summer. I tell Tom this, and I also explain how I will be near the city of Macroom. He say, "I am right outside of Macroom." What a coincidence! I asked him to give me suggestions of where to go, and he does. Then he continues to give me his parents' phone number and address. He tells me to contact them if I have any trouble while in Ireland. I continue to eat my dinner with my family, but before we leave, I ask him how long he's lived in Pittsburgh. He says for the past two years but he used to live in Philadelphia. What a coincidence! I go to school in near Philly. He lived in Upper Darby. Wow that's near me in West Chester! He used to bartend at the Blarney Stone on South Street. WHAT!?!?! That's my favorite bar on South Street; I know a bartender there! It was really coincidence after coincidence. What a small world it is. I really took this as a sign that this summer is going to be amazing!

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