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Monday, May 25, 2009

The adventure continues

The first chapter of my journey comes to a close today. I am spending my last night in Germany in Aachen with Kirsten. I had a lazy morning and afternoon in Duisburg. I packed up my suitcases and watched Gladiator with Dominik. Around 6pm Dominik, Lothar, and I headed to Aachen. Dominik and I met up with Kirsten, and the three of us went to dinner at the Nu/Co. The restaurant is really great. For only 9 euros, you can order as many courses from the menu and you can eat. I ordered enchiladas first, spring rolls w/ rice and curry sauce second, burrito third, and then I helped Kirsten finish her pizza. I am still stuffed as I write this blog! The three of us came back to Kirsten's apartment and smoked hookah. Now it's 11:06 here, and most of my friends are probably sitting down to dinner now.

Just a short summary of yersterday. I got to plaz PitPat! Only my family really knows what this game is, but it really is the best. Its like mini golf but on a pool table. There are 4 different balls each a little bouncier than the next. Using a cue stick you must get the ball around the obstacles and into the hole. This isn't a prevalent game in Germany either, but I always had fond memories of PitPat from the last time I was in Germany ten years ago.

Germany has really been great! I tried lots of new foods, and learned a little German. I can definately see how spending a year or a semester in a foreign country can make someone fluent in the language. In only 10 days, I understand the language much better. I don't pick up details, but I can usually figure out the subject of a conversation. I am sure if I were to spend more time here I would start associating words and sounds with those subjects, and sooner or later, I might be able to speak a little German myself.

Tomorrow I head to Paris. I will be living with a friend Justin. I am nervous because I do not speak French, but I've learned a few phrases to help me get around. Wish me luck and keep reading!
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  1. Glad to hear you've enjoyed your time in Germany! WE certainly enjoyed having you stay with us - it was a fun time! Glad to hear you feel the same way :)
    Have a fabuleux time in Paris, Amsterdam and Ireland - and see you soon in Berlin!